Welcome to the Delaware Association for the Blind!

Ken and his guide dog Nell leave the Delaware Association for the Blind office


Entering our 65th year of service, DAB has served thousands of blind and visually impaired individuals throughout Delaware in many capacities.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for blind and visually impaired children and adults in Delaware through a variety of education, counseling and recreation programs. These programs are offered on our beautiful 10-acre campus located in Wilmington, as well as throughout the state of Delaware in partnership with the Division of the Visually Impaired, and in collaboration with other human service organizations and community groups.

Our Website and Services

We hope that this website allows you to access information about DAB and our services quickly and easily. We invite you to explore our comprehensive array of programs and services. Please join us for a DAB activity. You will have fun and learn about our work and the people we serve.

Whether you're 6, 46, or 96, DAB can help!

Young children from Camp Sunnybrook are enjoying the sunshine at the DAB pool Most of our trips also include lunch and dinner outings.  This group is enjoying lunch as Grottos Pizza on the Rehoboth Boardwalk during a September outing. Tandem biking is a great sport for blind and visually impaired children and adults.  Here, a camp counselor steers the bike while a camper rides along on the second seat.  We never forget to wear helmets!

Exciting News!


Willy in pool with children.

We are truly grateful to our Pool Manager, Willy Miranda, for his 41 years of service to DAB!! Willy is currently the employee with the longest history at our Landis Lodge/Camp Sunnybrook location and as such, is also our local historian. What makes Willy truly special is the fact that he is ready and willing to do anything that is necessary to keep the pool and camp running smoothly. His commitment to DAB is second to none. As a high school coach and school teacher, he has always staffed our pool with high quality lifeguards and has kept our blind and visually impaired campers and pool members safe each and every summer. Hundreds, if not thousands, of children have learned to swim as a results of Willy’s commitment to this organization. Kudos for a job well done!!


The DAB Audio Program will be working with the Delaware Division of Libraries to update all of our equipment to produce digital cartridges that can be used with the new upgraded digital players issued by the library. These are very easy to use and will eventually replace all audio cassettes. Because DAB produces cartridges using Library standards, you will need the new digital player. To request any of our many recordings or if you have any questions regarding this program, please call the Delaware Library Access Service at (800) 282-8676.


The family of Dr. Jen Young has request that a restricted playground fund be established in her memory after a tragic car accident took her life earlier this summer on the Campus of Rice University. Jen attended Camp Sunnybrook as a child and was to begin a professorship at Clemson University. To date, over $2,000 has been raised to replace the very old and outdated playground on the grounds of Camp Sunnybrook. Our goal is to raise $12,000 to replace the equipment. If you would like to made a donation, please contact us at (302) 998-5913 or use our donation link. Please note that your donation is restricted for the playground fund.


Thank you to the 65 people who responded to our consumer survey regarding weekend trips and activities! One of the things we learned from this survey is that there is a large, diverse variety of people who attend our weekend activities. Many have very vastly different preferences based on where they live, their income level, the personal interests, and their physical abilities. It is important, in turn, that we offer a variety of activities that address this diversity so that there are some options each season for everyone.

Of the 65 people who responded, a total of 63% indicated that they participate in DAB weekend activities. Another 37% indicated that they do not for various reasons. The data collected is based on the responses from those who do attend activities.

The number one factor (66% of people) that influences the respondent’s decision about participating is the type of activity offered. In addition, 48% felt that cost was an important factor, and 34% felt that distance influenced their decision to participate.

In regards to cost of a trip or activity, 27% of people felt that $20-$40 was a reasonable fee, 23% felt that $40-$50 was reasonable and another 20% do not indicate a cost preference, but rather felt that it was dependent of the type of activity offered. Another 11% felt that they could afford trips in the $0-$15 range.

When asked about favorite trips, the top three were Theater/Play/Musical (36% of respondents), Ball Games (16% of respondents) and Music/Concerts/Symphony (14% of respondents). Other favorite trips included museums, historic sites, restaurants, the beach and Washington, D.C.

The most important factors for people not choosing to go on trips were large amount of walking (18%), ball games (16%) and long trips (16%). People on a fixed income felt that lower cost trips and restaurants were an important option, and those in Sussex County would like to see more local options specific to their area.

There were several excellent ideas for new trips and activities. These will be incorporated into future planning.

Delaware Association for the Blind is a United Way Affiliate Agency, a member of the Delaware Association of Nonprofit Agencies and a member of the National Council of Private Agencies for the Blind and Visually Impaired (now renamed VisionServe Alliance). Most of the support for our programs and services comes from donations from caring individuals and community groups, State grants, foundations, bequests, endowment income, fundraising events and United Way designations.